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Personalized Gifts for Electricians

One-of-a-kind corporate gifts themed for the electrical industry. At The Gift Planner we take customization to a new level by specializing in themed gifts specific to your company and industry! Gifts that are not only delicious, but represent who you are and what you do. For unmatched customer service, call your personal gift planner now at 602-526-0963.
The Electricians Chocolate Toolbox
Jumbo molded plastic, re-usable tool box filled with one pound of delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies and 11-ounces of chocolate electrical themed tools.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $36.99
100 $35.99
Light Bulb Style Flash Drive
Light bulb shaped flash drive actually illuminates when plugged into a USB Port. Light colors available Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow. Load it with your companies marketing materials and give it to potential clients at trade shows and industry events.
Min QTY 100
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
100 $4.64
250 $4.44
500 $4.31
Handy Dandy Tool Cart Of Candy - Extravaganza
Measures 9.5" X 4.5" X 4.5". Tool Box is filled with 3 Oreos with tools, 1 foiled 2.5" large chocolate hard hat, 1 5-oz box of "nuts and bolts" (contains 2 bolts, 3 chocolate nuts, and the rest butter toffee peanuts), 1 box (3-1/2" square box) filled with dipped pretzels, 7 chocolate themed tools, 2 (2 oz.) chocolate bars with custom wrapper options, a chocolate level and hand saw, bag of dipped chocolate graham cookies, and construction themed box filled with hard candy all tied with a beautiful custom bow. Available in custom colors for quantities of 200.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $104.99
25 $103.99
50 $102.99
Light Bulb Shaped Cup
MODEL: Lightbulb Cup
Light bulb shaped cup. Size: 3.50" x 5.35". This is a great gwp, giveaway or twisted bar basic.
Min QTY 5,000
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
5,000 $3.50
Caution! Chocolate Danger Hard Hat Gift Container
Cap style hard hat with 6-point ratchet suspension. Filled with Butter Toffee PeanNUTS and chocolate BOLTS (with chocolate nuts too- 5 chocolates in this bag), ELECTRIFYING Chocolate Graham Cookies with milk chocolate outlet and white chocolate lightbulb (2 chocolates), GROUND BREAKING Cinnamon Toast Pretzels with chocolate rocks and milk chocolate shovel (1 chocolate, 1 bag of rocks). Close to 1 lb of chocolate novelties and fun snack items. Caution ribbon and logo bow available. Customize with your corporate colors and other imprint options available.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $54.99
25 $53.99
50 $52.99
UL Listed Nightlight A/C Adapter With Custom Box
This UL-listed nightlight A/C adapter with custom box is available in assorted colors and can be customized to your liking - include an imprint of your company logo, message and so much more. The dual USB ports allow you to charge multiple devices while it's in use.
Min QTY 50
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
50 $17.49
100 $15.22
250 $13.23
Light Bulb Shape Candy Dispenser With Hard Shell Chocolate
With a quick turn of the knob it dispenses a delicious treat of Candy Covered Chocolate! This Black and Silver dispenser measures 3" x 3" x 7 3/4".
Min QTY 72
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
72 $10.84
144 $10.54
288 $10.44
CFL Light Bulb Shaped Night Light
MODEL: 8479
UL-listed night light features an energy-saving sensor as well as a 90-degree swivel plug to accommodate both vertical and horizontal outlets. The product gives you lots of imprint space for your company's name or logo through the print capability.
Min QTY 100
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
100 $4.29
250 $4.12
500 $4.04
Pockets Full Of Chocolate Toolbag - Extravaganza
Tool Pouch Filled with 3 Tool Pops:(1 milk chocolate, 1 white, 1 dark) - (hammer, saw, wrench), 1 Foiled Pliers (2-oz),1 Bag of 2 foiled nuts, 1 box: cinnamon toast pretzels, with 3 chocolate tools, 1 box: butter toffee peanuts and chocolate nuts and bolts, 1 box: 2 dipped Oreos with little tools, 1 foiled wrench, 2 foiled bolts and 1 foiled screwdriver. Durable 600Dpoly material toolbelt. Themed for your company with your choice of tools that best represent your industry. Customize this gift with your choice of edible decorations and bow color. Imprint your logo and design using your corporate colors.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $80.99
25 $79.99
50 $79.49
Flashlight with Magnetic Pickup Tool
MODEL: 2080
Flexible telescoping magnetic shaft retrieves items up to 3.5 lbs, 27" fully extended. Six bright LED lights. Metal body, on/off button. 4-LR44 batteries included.
Min QTY 50
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
50 $11.84
100 $11.74
150 $11.64
Chocolate Tools Of The Trade Contractors Work Bench Gift
Desktop miniature work bench gift basket. Measures 6 inches wide x 4 inches deep x 4.5 inches high. Filled with white, milk and dark chocolate tools. Includes foiled milk chocolate bolts, 7 assorted chocolate tools, 1 foiled milk chocolate hard hat, 1 foiled wrench, 1 (painted) white chocolate hammer, 1 (painted) white chocolate screwdriver. Wrapped in cello with custom color ribbon and bow. This work bench can be themed to your industry with your logo and in your corporate colors.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $59.99
25 $59.49
50 $58.99
Lightbulb Figure Stress Reliever
Safety tested, this 4" x 2 1/4" stress reliever includes a one color stock face. Not intended for children under 3 years old or for pets.
Minimum QTY 150
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
150 $2.75
250 $2.65
500 $2.57
Lightbulb Trophy
Lightbulb Trophy with a solid walnut base, whitewash finish lightbulb, and black brass engraving plate (1" x 3"). Available unimprinted or with your custom imprint. Made in America.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $38.50
50 $31.90
100 $30.20
Universal Electrical Plug Adapter/ All-In-One Travel Multi-Plug
ITEM#: N 5274
Perfect for Travel, Universal Electrical Plug Adapter All-In-One for US/UK/EU/AU. Comes with 3 foreign plugs.
Min QTY 500
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
500 $4.09
1,000 $3.75
2,000 $3.52
Portable LED Tent Light Bulb
MODEL: Q 6515
Made by ABS plastic and sturdy for normal camping, hiking, and emergency. High-setting of 150 Lumens offers maximum brightness that can easily illuminate the whole campsite. Lampshade is matte, providing soft and comfortable lights. Three light switch modes: Full Brightness, Half Brightness, and SOS.
Min QTY 500
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
500 $5.87
1,000 $5.60
2,000 $5.37

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