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Are you looking for corporate gifts for your favorite clients or customers?

Maybe you are looking for some thank you gifts for employees or co-workers. The Gift Planner specializes in unique creative business gifts branded with your logo! Whatever your business need is, The Gift Planner would love to help you! If you are attending a corporate event or exhibiting at a tradeshow, we can find you the best gift or promotional product! Have you ever looked for something and could not find it? We know exactly how that feels, so we would love to create your company a gift that is custom for you and your specific need.

The Gift Planner works with specific industries and trades and we create useful and delicious gifts that represent who you are and what you do! We create corporate gifts perfect for holidays or special occasions that tell your story and represent your company. Our corporate gifts not only say thank you or show appreciation, but they also advertise your company and highlight you! We use your logo, message and corporate colors in your gifts. The Gift Planner wants to be your personal gift planner helping you every step of the way! We are here to make you look good while we insist you take all of the credit! Call us today at (602) 526-0963 or visit us at www.thegiftplanner.com

Gourmet Snowman Treat Tower
This charming gourmet Snowman Tower is filled with delicious gourmet treats including Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Choice Virginia Peanuts, and 3 pieces of our famous English Butter Toffee. After the treats have been enjoyed, he makes a great holiday centerpiece. Serves 6-8. Snowman measures 5 inchre x 9.5 inches
Min QTY 12
As Low As
12 $60.00
48 $59.50
96 $59.00
Gourmet Chocolate and Treats Crate Deluxe
This large, reusable wooden crate is packed with a hearty assortment of gourmet treats. Show your appreciation to your valued customers and loyal employees by sending this incredible gourmet gift. The sturdy crate (Made in USA) is a great keepsake. This impressive gift is a great way to say "thank you" to your best customers and employees. We firebrand your logo on the crate's top slat. Wooden crate measures 12" x 11" x 7".
Min QTY 4
As Low As
4 $149.99
48 $147.99
96 $146.99
Sausage and Cheese Chopping Board Gift
The Gift Planner offers you this heavy-duty Bamboo chopping board measuring 8 inches x 5.75 inches x .5 inches. Let us firebrand your logo so they can cherish a gift from your company! A gift that can be used and appreciated daily. We include a seven-ounce block of Mild Pepper Cheese, a five-ounce stick of tangy Beef Summer Sausage and a knife. No refrigeration necessary.
Min QTY 18
As Low As
18 $35.00
48 $34.75
96 $33.95
Gourmet Chocolate and Cookie Tool Bag Delight
A custom tool bag filled with gourmet treats. 2 dozen cookies and 1 dozen chocolate tools of the trade inside a 600D polyester zippered tool bag. Numerous pockets and slots for tools on the front, back, and both sides. Detachable/adjustable padded shoulder strap. Reinforced webbed handles. Built-in cardboard bottom. Customize this gift with your logo. The perfect themed gift for any construction worker or contractor. These make great client gifts, holiday gifts, thank you gifts and more.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $82.99
5 $81.99
25 $80.99
Chocolate Gourmet Flush a Cup
A great industry themed gifts for any plumber or contractor! A ceramic coffee toilet mug measuring 5.5 inches x 3.75 inches x 4.5 inches filled with a gourmet selection of themed plumbing chocolate and a chocolate spoon, a wrench pen and 2 chocolate covered pretzel rods.
Min QTY 5
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
5 $49.99
25 $47.99
50 $46.99
Chocolate and Cookie Construction Gift Box
Brand New gift for any contractor or construction worker. A black domed retro lunch box filled with 6 construction themed chocolate pieces and 12 chocolate chip cookies. Lunch box measures 10 inches wide x 7.25 inches tall x 4.5 inches deep. Customize your corporate gift with your logo and ribbon color of your choice. These make great corporate holiday gifts, thank you gifts or appreciation gifts. The Gift Planner promises to make you look good.
Min QTY 5
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
5 $59.99
25 $55.99
50 $54.99
Syringe Web Key
Corporate Holiday Crate Gift by The Gift Planner. A festive holiday crate perfect for your favorite office staff or customers. Show your appreciation this holiday season with this custom crate gift. This wooden crate measures 11.5 inches x 10 inches x 4.5 inches. This gourmet food gift includes Coconut Toffee Roasted Cashews 8 oz, Sanders Sea Salt Caramels 3 pieces, Butler's Irish Chocolate Candy Bars - 3 pack Monchello's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies 7 oz Crunch and Munch Brownie Crunch 5.5 oz and 2 hot chocolate cones. Unique personalized crate that will be appreciated!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $84.99
5 $83.99
25 $82.99
Chocolate Gourmet Power Plus Toolbox
Black Plastic toolbox filled with gourmet food and snacks. An industry themed gift basket filled with chocolate tools, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bolts and nuts and other gourmet items perfect for any contractor or construction company! Customized using your logo, chocolate drizzle and ribbon using your corporate colors. These business gifts are perfect for company holiday gifts, corporate thank you gifts and gifts for your favorite clients! The Gift Planner can personalize these gifts and create your company the perfect gift!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $84.99
25 $83.99
50 $82.99
Gourmet Deluxe Coffee Crate
Our custom Gourmet Deluxe Coffee Crate is a great gift for any company to show their customers appreciation. A gift that can go to the office staff or your favorite individual! Included in the crate are Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa - 6 packets, Custom logo Polar Camel 15 oz. Vacuum Insulated Mug with Slider Lid, 2 Chocolate Spoons and a Coffee Bar Sign, Dunkin Coffee - Original Blend - 12ozA little gourmet food to enjoy and a few items to keep and use throughout the year! The Gift Planner can customize this delicious chocolate gourmet crate gift in your corporate colors using your logo!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $62.99
25 $60.99
50 $59.99
Bucket Bag Deluxe
The Gift Planner introduces the Bucket Bag Deluxe. This 5 gallon bucket holder can be customized with your logo silkscreened on the bag or your logo and message with a hang tag or gift card! Filled with 60 delicious soft and chewy cookies and a variety of 20 chocolate themed tools of your choice to represent your company and industry. Includes the 5 1/2 gallon bucket. Perfect industry themed gift for construction workers and any contractor or handyman. Share this with your favorite client, send as a thank you gift, or perfect for a holiday gift to be shared by all! Available without the bucket for $129.99
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $149.99
25 $147.99
50 $145.99
Pockets Full Of Chocolate Toolbag - Extravaganza
A Tool Pouch Filled with 3 Tool Pops:(1 milk chocolate, 1 white, 1 dark) - (hammer, saw, wrench), 1 Foiled Pliers (2-oz),1 Bag of 2 foiled nuts 1 box: cinnamon toast pretzels, with 3 chocolate tools, 1 box: butter toffee peanuts and chocolate nuts and bolts, 1 box: 2 dipped Oreos with little tools, 1 foiled wrench, 2 foiled bolts and 1 foiled screwdriver. This is a durable 600Dpoly material toolbelt. This is a perfect client gift or holiday gifts for construction companies, contractors, and builders. Themed for your company with your choice of tools that best represent your industry and company. Customize this gift with your choice of edible decorations and bow color. Imprint your logo and design using your corporate colors. Industry themed gift for 1 person or office!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $85.99
25 $84.99
50 $83.49
Sumptuous Chocolate Tower
ITEM#: SN3571
You needn't look any further for the perfect gift for the chocolate-lovers on your list! Silver and navy boxes overflow with divine chocolates and nuts. When they open the boxes, they'll find rich Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, mouth-watering Pecan Turtles, and more. All of this deliciousness is held together securely by navy ribbon foil-stamped with your logo in silver. Give a gift they'll remember for years to come! Tower measures 7 3/8" x 7 3/8" x 6 3/4". Food gifts are great for any holiday! FDA regulated facility. CPSIA & compliant. Additional Information IMPORTANT: If the supplier lists any certifications/approval from agencies such as CDC, FDA, NIOSH, NPPTL, or ASTM etc., please check to ensure such certifications are current and appropriate. ** Maximum size for enclosure cards: 6" x 4".
Min QTY 8
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
8 $89.95
48 $89.65
96 $88.95
Chocolate Zone Construction Safety Cone
Get in the zone with a delicious chocolate gourmet construction themed safety traffic cone. The Gift Planner Chocolate Zone Construction Safety Cone comes with a 6 inch base x 6 inch high traffic safety cone, dipped pretzel box, nuts and bolts box, chocolate rocks box, foiled chocolate hard hat, cement OR dump truck, chocolate stop sign and chocolate shovel. This adorable construction themed gift can have caution ribbon or imprinted ribbon in your choice of color. Wrapped in cello and tied with any bow color you choose. Choose your bow, ribbon and edible decoration colors to match your corporate colors. This delicious and adorable gift basket makes a perfect holiday gift, thank you gift or client gift. Various imprinting options that best highlight your logo and company!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $59.99
25 $58.99
50 $57.99
Christmas Holiday Chocolate Gourmet Party Platter
ITEM#: TGP-CHPlatter
This silver platter is filled with a delicious mixture of salty and sweet gourmet treats! Holiday tray comes with an assortment of chocolate dipped dried fruits, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts. 3 pounds of chocolate dipped graham cookies and pretzels. Christmas themed chocolate pieces and a foiled poinsettia. All wrapped up and tied with a festive bow. Personalize your platter with a hang tag with logo and message! Also offered in your company colors as a business gift for any occasion with industry themed chocolate pieces. Perfect office gifts, great for corporate events or parties or just as a thank you gift to your favorite customer. Say Happy holidays this Christmas season with this delicious platter!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $72.99
25 $70.99
50 $70.49
Genuine Slate Cheese Plate with Shelf-Stable Party Favorites
ITEM#: L1025
This elegant slate cheese plate makes a sophisticated gift all by itself, but we take it to the next level by including our shelf-stable Private Stock Wisconsin cheeses and gourmet pairings. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they continue to use and enjoy this solid stone cheese plate. With food-safe soapstone chalk to help identify different varieties, this elegant plate makes a unique and artistic way to display and serve cheese. Serves 8-12. Slate cheese plate measures 11" x 7" x .25". Additional Information IMPORTANT: If the supplier lists any certifications/approval from agencies such as CDC, FDA, NIOSH, NPPTL, or ASTM etc., please check to ensure such certifications are current and appropriate. **
Min QTY 8
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
8 $91.95
48 $91.65
96 $90.95
Chocolate Gourmet Holiday 3 Stack Gift Tower
ITEM#: TGP-Holiday3
A Christmas holiday gift tower perfect for Christmas 2021. Delicious chocolate covered Oreo's, chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate dipped apricots. Approximately 15 -20 pieces of each! Decorated in festive cello and tied with a holiday bow, This gift can be personalized with your corporate colors instead of holiday themed if preferred. We will even pour the drizzle in your company colors! This is the perfect corporate business gift for your favorite clients! Say Happy holidays or thank you this year to show appreciation to you customers, employees and friends!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $38.99
25 $37.99
50 $36.99
Create A Crate Chocolates And Cookie Safety Cone
A wooden crate filled with a safety cone theme for any contractor or construction worker. 5 pieces of chocolate construction tools and 6 soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies inside a crate measuring 9 inches x 10 inches. A 10" safety cone available in orange or yellow which can be imprinted with your logo. All tied together with yellow caution ribbon to give you the perfect construction themed corporate gift! Brand new in 2019 perfect for Christmas holiday gifts, client gifts and thank you gifts!
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $49.99
25 $49.49
50 $48.99
Landscaper Gourmet Chocolate Toolbelt Mug Holder
Landscaper Gourmet Chocolate Toolbelt Mug Holder makes a great corporate office gift! 3 Dipped Pretzel Rods, 1 Chocolate Stirring Spoon, 5 Chocolate tools (3 foiled, 1 painted, 1 bag with bow) fill the mug and pockets. This ultimate desk organizer toolbag coffee mug makes the perfect Industry themed gift. Made for contractor's, construction companies, builders and handymen. These adorable coffee mug gifts are great for corporate holiday gifts, client gifts or thank you gifts. Use your corporate colors on ribbon, bows and foil wrap. Select the chocolate tools that best fit your industry and add that final touch with your logo on imprinted ribbon or a hang tag.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $54.99
50 $53.99
100 $52.99