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Golden Delights Tower with Sheer Burgundy Ribbon
MODEL: G6018SB-Food
Nearly overflowing with an expertly balanced combination of sweet and salty flavors to satisfy every recipient. Features an assortment of traditional favorites: delicious Chocolate Covered Almonds, Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Almond Pecan Caramel Corn, Seasoned Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Oreos; and for the final touch, two pieces of Godiva Chocolate. Your logo is foil-stamped in gold on sheer burgundy ribbon. Serves 8-12. Measures 6.5" x 5.75" x 15.75".
Min QTY 8
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
8 $72.95
48 $72.65
96 $71.95
Sunsational Moroccan Mosaic Gourmet Sweets Tower
MODEL: P88000
Moroccan pattern is the inspiration for this sleek 14-inch tall, three-tier tower of sweets. Filled with favorite sweet snacks, including Old Dominion peanut brittle crunch, Walkers shortbread cookies, berry fruit and nut mix, chocolate fudge caramels, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate filled wafer cookies. A complimentary silver ribbon is tied around the tower and you can add a short ribbon tag to the top of the tower. Decorate ribbon tag with silver or gold foil. Your choice of ribbon tag colors. Customize with a foil stamp imprint.
Min QTY 12
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
12 $41.48
48 $40.25
96 $38.98
Thank Cube Cookie Tower - Bakery Items
Three-tier tower is generously filled with buttery shortbread, almond tea and rich chocolate chip cookies packed in fun four-language boxes and tied with printed ribbon. Great corporate food gift idea for Christmas or the holiday season.
Min QTY 25
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
25 $22.99
50 $21.99
100 $19.99
Do Tell Fortune Cookie Rolling Tool Cart
One Of A Kind custom rolling mechanics tool box filled with 12 custom chocolate dipped fortune cookies. 4 Each dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each cookie has your unique custom message inside! Measures 9.5" X 4.5" X 4.5". Available in any color scheme. 24 gauge cold rolled steel and powder coated in red. Custom colors for quantities of 200 or more. May be themed for any industry.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $79.99
25 $78.99
50 $77.99
Custom Regal Tower
Four deep purple and brown gift boxes filled with gourmet brownies in three sizes and 12 flavors, chewy cookies and brown sugar-based bars. Your full-color logo or photgraph is displayed on the gift card attached to the white satin ribbon. Personalized gift card may include logo. All product is individually wrapped and certified kosher.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
Sweet & Salty Chocolate Explosion
A tasty variety of chocolates and nuts stuffed in a 6 11/16" x 1 13/16" tin. Included are 2 dreamy drizzle chocolate chip cookies, 1 oz. pieces of candy bark, 5 mini chocolate pretzels, 2 oz sweet & nutty trail mix, 1 oz. chocolate drizzled toffee crunch and 2 oz. fancy mixed nuts. Baked fresh and shipped the same day containing no preservatives, these mouthwatering cookies have a two week recommended shelf life. Stock tin and a hand-signed designer stock gift card included. Customize with a full-color, direct imprint.
Min QTY 24
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
24 $22.35
144 $22.10
288 $21.85
Double Giant Fairytale Treats
MODEL #: JF368
The ultimate sampler in one plentiful assortment! Includes brownies in three sizes and 12 flavors, gourmet cookies in six flavors, and brown sugar-based bars in four flavors. Two beautiful boxes are tied together with a white satin ribbon. Brownies, cookies, and bars are individually wrapped and certified kosher. 18 lbs.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
Proceed With Caution Chocolate Themed Tools Cookie Hard Hat
Hard Hat Gift piled high with one dozen chocolate chip cookies and 6- 2 oz. chocolate themed construction pieces. Wrapped in cello and tied with a beautiful caution ribbon.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $39.99
50 $38.99
100 $37.99
Classic Fortune Cookie Wedding/Anniversary Tin of 50
For a couple of sweet cookies! 50 delightful classic fortune cookies fully enrobed in luscious Milk, Dark and/or White Chocolate adorned with edible decorations. Individually wrapped and in a re-usable tin w/our Good Fortunes label or, for a small fee, a custom label w/your logo or artwork! Fortunes include love & marriage messages. For custom fortunes in small cookies, please contact us.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
Best of the Season Gourmet Sweets and Treats Tower
MODEL: P88051
Elegant holiday tower with a delicious array of sweets and treats for everyone. 19" tall tower includes dark chocolate covered marshmallows, milk chocolate and white frosted sandwich cookies, caramel nut popcorn, almond tea cookies, peanut crunch, berry nut mix, dark chocolate almonds, chocolate hazelnut filled cookies, white frosted pretzels, cocoa dusted truffles, cinnamon apple chips, almond butter toffee, shortbread and fancy cashews. 3.66 lbs.
Minimum QTY 6
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
6 $109.25
25 $105.98
50 $102.98
Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox
The Gift Planner Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox ships open as a gift basket and is filled with an assortment of 30 delicious chewy assorted cookies: double chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter, m and m, white chocolate and cinnamon, 4 decadent chocolate covered oreos with an assortment of construction themed sugar tools and 5 - 12 ounce milk chocolate construction tools in a re-usable red plastic toolbox. Measures 12 1/2" X 5 1/2" x 5" when closed and 12 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 13 1/2" when open.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $69.99
50 $68.99
100 $68.49
Classic gift collection
Tower above the competition with a food gift that will give you plenty of variety for the next party or event! Overflowing with numerous gourmet treats, this classic gift collection tower includes the Wintertime Deluxe Assortment: several cookies, pretzels and nuts - as well as another container featuring roasted cashews, pecan halves, walnuts and hazelnuts. Stock tins (available in several colors) with hand-signed card, decorative wrap and bow. Customize the tins with full-color, direct brand imprint!
Min QTY 8
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
8 $78.75
48 $77.85
96 $76.95
Cranberry Shortbread Cookies in Metallic Blue Gift Box
MODEL: BPD183-Baked
Gourmet bite-sized cranberry shortbread cookies created by our chef, who received his degrees in Culinary Baking & Pastry Arts from the Culinary Institute of America, widely regarded as the finest culinary school in the world. Approximately 20 cookies packed in a metallic blue gift box imprinted with your logo in silver and complete with silver bow. Gift box measures 6" x 3.5" x 2".
Min QTY 24
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
24 $10.99
96 $10.95
480 $10.89
1 Gallon Gourmet Cookie Tin
One-gallon cookie tin perfect for satisfying your craving for all things sweet and delicious. Measures 6.625" x 7", contains 36 cookies and is available in a variety of stylish colors. Customize with either direct imprint or four-color process label and hand out at your next marketing event. Ideal for parties, holiday giveaways and many other promotional venues!
Min QTY 24
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
24 $40.09
50 $39.45
100 $39.03
2-piece tower
MODEL #: 8002
2-piece tower includes, 5 oz Funky Chunky popcorn; 24 pack 3.2" custom sugar cookies topped with custom Belgian milk or dark chocolate. Full color custom printed gift tag. All products manufactured under the supervision of the Orthodox Union unless otherwise noted. Box size: 14" x 8 1/8" x 3 9/16".
Min QTY 20
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
20 $70.75
50 $69.50
100 $67.75
Christmas Giant Fortune Cookie
Our Confectionery Artisans start with an enormous vanilla fortune cookie baked to order and hand dip it in your choice of Belgian Chocolates or Golden Caramel. Each cookie is finished with a generous sprinkling of yummy candy Holly & Berry sprinkles for a Merry presentation. Personalized message goes on the 1 ft. long fortune inside each cookie for an unforgettable and unique gift. Measures approximately: 6.5" x 6" x 6".
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $29.99
50 $28.50
250 $27.95
Custom keepsake tin brownie dozen
Make a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, friends or family with this sweet 12-brownie combination inside our premium, keepsake tin customized with your logo. They'll never forget your tasteful generosity. Includes 12 brownies.
Min QTY 1
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
TGP Custom 24 - Cookie Gift Box
MODEL #: 4024
24 delicious customized logo cookies in custom gift box. Sugar, chocolate or oatmeal cookies topped with your choice of rich premium Belgian milk or dark custom chocolate. Each cookie is individually packaged in clear cellophane. Packaging includes a one color lid with a printed gift band. For full custom printed lid, add $4.00 to the gift box price.
Min QTY 20
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
20 $48.00
50 $45.00
100 $42.00
7 1/2
MODEL: 60-900
Customers will be happy to be caught with their hand in this cookie jar! Measuring 7 1/2"H x 6"W and available in several colors, this eye-catching container is crafted from ceramic and made in the USA. Perfect for cookies, it can also hold kitchen supplies and other snacks. Due to the inherent properties of ceramic ware, there may be small imperfections and irregularities which should not be perceived as defective. Household dishwasher or hand wash recommended. Customize with a brand imprint.
Minimum QTY 144
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
144 $29.99
288 $28.99
576 $27.99
Summertime assortment - Large Tin
Packaged in a 9 3/4" x 3 3/8" tin, this delicious summertime array features 20 gourmet chocolate chip cookies, 10 oz. of southern peanut brittle, 5 oz. of pistachio nuts, 6 oz. of cranberry nut mix, 1 pecan divinity, 2 Raffaello Confetteria and 5 pieces of butter toffee. Baked fresh and shipped the same day containing no preservatives, these mouthwatering cookies have a two week recommended shelf life. A stock tin and a hand-signed designer stock gift card included. Customize with full-color, direct imprint.
Min QTY 24
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
24 $46.75
144 $46.25
288 $45.75

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