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Unique & Creative Client Gifts for Any Industry

Are you looking for creative client gifts? The Gift Planner specializes in themed gifts for your company. These gifts are both useful and delicious. Let us help you "wow" any recipient with a creative one-of-a-kind corporate gift. A gourmet food gift where we give you choices. Choose chocolate themed tools, the colors scheme, ribbon and bow color. A combination of gourmet treats both salty and sweet. We create the gift according to the industry you work in. A custom gift that tells your story of who you are and what you do.

Call your personal gift planner today at (602) 526-0963. We would love to listen to your ideas and make your vision a reality! Let us do all of the work for you, but don't worry, we insist you take all of the credit!

Chocolate and Cookie Construction Gift Box
Brand New gift for any contractor or construction worker. A black domed retro lunch box filled with 6 construction themed chocolate pieces and 12 chocolate chip cookies. Lunch box measures 10 inches wide x 7.25 inches tall x 4.5 inches deep. Customize your corporate gift with your logo and ribbon color of your choice. These make great corporate holiday gifts, thank you gifts or appreciation gifts. The Gift Planner promises to make you look good.
Min QTY 5
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
5 $69.99
25 $65.99
50 $64.99
Bucket Bag Deluxe
The Gift Planner introduces the Bucket Bag Deluxe. This 5 gallon bucket holder can be customized with your logo silkscreened on the bag or your logo and message with a hang tag or gift card! Filled with 60 delicious soft and chewy cookies and a variety of 20 chocolate themed tools of your choice to represent your company and industry. Includes the 5 1/2 gallon bucket. Perfect industry themed gift for construction workers and any contractor or handyman. Share this with your favorite client, send as a thank you gift, or perfect for a holiday gift to be shared by all! Available without the bucket for $129.99
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $159.99
25 $157.99
50 $155.99
Gourmet Treat Packed Tool Pouch
This custom sturdy bucket boss reusable tool pouch is made of durable ripstop fabric. It has 2 durable fabric tool loops and 6 pockets filled with one dozen delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies and 5 - 2 oz. chocolate construction tools; chocolate hard hat, chocolate pliers, chocolate wrench, chocolate screwdriver and chocolate hammer. All wrapped and packaged with a bright red bow! Perfect for a construction or contractor company for holiday gifts, thank you gifts and more! Silk screen your logo or offered with a hang tag!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $75.99
25 $72.99
50 $71.99
Proceed With Caution Chocolate Themed Tools Cookie Hard Hat
A real hard hat gift filled with one dozen soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies and six - 2 oz. chocolate themed construction tools of the trade. Our delicious creamy molded milk chocolate construction themed chocolate pieces melt in your mouth! This construction themed hard hat gift basket is all wrapped up in cello and tied with a beautiful caution ribbon bow. The hard hat gift is perfect for any construction company, contractor, builder or handyman. Great corporate holiday gifts, client gifts thank you gifts or any other gift for any corporate event.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $64.99
50 $59.99
100 $58.99
Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox
The Gift Planner Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox ships open as a gift basket and is filled with an assortment of 30 delicious chewy assorted cookies: double chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter, m and m, white chocolate and cinnamon, 4 decadent chocolate covered oreos with an assortment of construction themed sugar tools and 5 - 12 ounce milk chocolate construction tools in a re-usable red plastic toolbox and measures 12 1/2" X 5 1/2" x 5" when closed and 12 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 13 1/2" when open.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $74.99
50 $73.99
100 $72.99
Chocolate Zone Construction Safety Cone
Get in the zone with a delicious chocolate gourmet construction themed safety traffic cone. The Gift Planner Chocolate Zone Construction Safety Cone comes with a 6 inch base x 6 inch high traffic safety cone, dipped pretzel box, nuts and bolts box, chocolate rocks box, foiled chocolate hard hat, cement OR dump truck, chocolate stop sign and chocolate shovel. This adorable construction themed gift can have caution ribbon or imprinted ribbon in your choice of color. Wrapped in cello and tied with any bow color you choose. Choose your bow, ribbon and edible decoration colors to match your corporate colors. This delicious and adorable gift basket makes a perfect holiday gift, thank you gift or client gift. Various imprinting options that best highlight your logo and company!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $64.99
25 $63.99
50 $62.99
Chocolate Gourmet Power Plus Toolbox
MODEL: TGP-Power-Plus
Black Plastic toolbox filled with gourmet food and snacks. An industry themed gift basket filled with chocolate tools, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bolts and nuts and other gourmet items perfect for any contractor or construction company! Customized using your logo, chocolate drizzle and ribbon using your corporate colors. These business gifts are perfect for company holiday gifts, corporate thank you gifts and gifts for your favorite clients! The Gift Planner can personalize these gifts and create your company the perfect gift!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $89.99
25 $88.99
50 $87.99
Gourmet Cookie and Chocolate Tool Bag Extravaganza
A brand name gatemouth 12 tool bag filled with a gourmet delight of cookies, chocolates and other tasty sweet and salty treats. This tool bag can be customized and filled with your choice of treats! Foiled, hand painted tools of the trade to add your personal touch! This tool bag gift can represent your industry and company! A great industry themed gift for any construction company or contractor. A favorite for an office or even your favorite client! Leave a good taste in their mouth! Perfect holiday gifts, client gifts, thank you gifts and more!
Min QTY 5
Call 602-526-0963
As Low As
1 $94.99
25 $93.99
50 $92.99

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