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Create a Corporate Gift for your Company

Let The Gift Planner Build Your Corporate Gifts Using Your Ideas - Where You choose The Contents, Container, Colors, Logo, and Message.

Have you ever had an idea and wanted to make it a reality? At The Gift Planner, we take ANY idea and turn it into the most unique, personalized gift your clients will love. You'll feel like you made it yourself--because you did. We just helped a little . . .

We want to become part of your marketing team. Did you know that we can create themed holiday gifts or any business gift that represents you and your company? Whatever industry you work in, the perfect gift awaits you! In the end, your clients will LOVE the gifts you send to them. Don’t take our word, see what our happy customers have to say!

Unique Containers

build a gift container

Unique Contents

build a business gift

You Build the Gift

create a gift

Themed to Your Business

themed business gift contents

The Latest Custom Creations from The Gift Planner - see more

build your own work bench gift  create a gift for your company create a gift for your business personalize a corporate gift