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Delicious Gourmet Christmas Gifts For The Holidays!

Construction and contractor themed holiday gift ideas for 2020. The most unique and creative Christmas construction themed business gifts to choose from. Gifts by The Gift Planner are not only delicious, but useful too. One-of-a-kind gift selections, such as chocolate toolboxes, gourmet hard hats, cookie and chocolate tool bags and tool belts. One of our top selling toolbox gifts are the mechanic's rolling tool carts. Choose the hand painted tools that fit your company and let The Gift Planner make them in your color choice. Personalize your holiday gifts using your logo, gift message and corporate colors! We specialize in creating custom business gifts specifically to represent who you are and what you do. Call your personal gift planner today!

Chocolate Tools Chocolate Fortune Cookies Toolbox
Rolling mechanic's tool box filled with 12 custom chocolate dipped fortune cookies. 4 each dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each cookie has your unique custom message inside! 6 chocolate tools (2 white chocolate, 2 dark chocolate and 2 milk chocolate) The Handy Dandy Do Tell Cart Cookies And Candy measures 9.5" X 4.5" X 4.5" . Available in any color scheme. Miniature rolling tool cart made out of 24 gauge cold rolled steel and powder coated in red. Available in custom colors for quantities of 200 or more.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $84.99
25 $83.99
50 $82.99
Chocolate tools cookie hard hat
A real hard hat gift filled with one dozen soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies and six - 2 oz. chocolate themed construction tools of the trade. Our delicious creamy molded milk chocolate construction themed chocolate pieces melt in your mouth! This construction themed hard hat gift basket is all wrapped up in cello and tied with a beautiful caution ribbon bow. The hard hat gift is perfect for any construction company, contractor, builder or handyman.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $39.99
50 $38.99
100 $37.99
Chocolate Tools - Cookies - Nuts Extravaganza Toolbox Gift
Sold exclusively at The Gift Planner. Unique one of a kind tool box that is perfect for any industry. The Chocolate Tools Gourmet Treat Job Box Extravaganza measures 8.75" x 4.5" x 4.5". Custom colors available for orders of 200 or more. Contents include pretzel bundle (6 pretzels), mini oreo box (18 cookies), chocolate graham cookie bag (6 cookies), chocolate rocks, hard hat and shovel trio, 8" foiled chocolate saw, 6" foiled chocolate wrench, chocolate hammer, 3 ounces of nuts and bolts (2 bolts and 3 nuts), 2 additional 3" assorted milk chocolate themed tools, 1 box of cinnamon toast pretzels, 6 hand painted tool sweet bites and a crsipy filled hard hat. Customize this gift in your corporate colors.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $104.99
25 $103.99
50 $102.99
Chocolate Tools Of The Trade Contractors Work Bench Gift
Corporate themed gift for Construction Companies and Contractors. Miniature work bench toolbox measuring 6 inches x 4 inches x 4.5 inches. Filled with a delicious combination of white, milk and dark chocolate tools. Includes foiled milk chocolate bolts, 7 assorted chocolate tools, 1 foiled milk chocolate hard hat, 1 foiled wrench, 1 (painted) white chocolate hammer, 1 (painted) white chocolate screwdriver. Wrapped in cello with custom color ribbon and bow. This work bench can be themed to your company and industry with your logo and in your corporate colors. 13 pieces of delicious chocolate tools.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $59.99
25 $59.49
50 $58.99
Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox
An assortment of 30 delicious chewy assorted cookies: double chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter, m&m, white chocolate and cinnamon, 4 decadent chocolate covered Oreos with an assortment of construction themed sugar tools and 5 - 12 ounce milk chocolate construction tools in a re-usable red plastic toolbox.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $69.99
50 $68.99
100 $68.49
Themed Chocolate Tools and chocolate chip cookies inside a clear gift box on top of a wooden pallet. 8 pieces of delicious milk, dark and white chocolate themed tools and 12 delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookies. Dimensions 6 inches x 6 inches x 5 inches. Chocolate tools include 2 chocolate hammers, 2 paint brushes, 2 white chocolate gloves and 2 chocolate hammers. Imprint your logo on the box Gift includes caution ribbon, which ties around the gift box.. Perfect sweet treat for any construction or contractor company!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $60.99
25 $60.49
50 $59.99
Cookie and Chocolate Tools Of The Trade Red Toolbox
Cookie and Chocolate Tools Of The Trade Red Toolbox is filled with 8 chocolate chip cookies and 8 chocolate themed tools to represent any industry! A great gift to represent any construction company, contractor, builder or handyman! The red plastic toolbox measures 11 inches x 5 inches x 4 inches. The toolbox gift basket makes a great corporate holiday gift, client gift or thank you gift! Perfect for a business giveaway at any corporate event or tradeshow!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $32.99
25 $31.99
50 $31.49
The Sweet Chocolate Tools and Cookie Bungie Tool Bag
Custom and creative tool bag filled with 18 soft and chewy cookies and 22 ounces of delicious milk, dark, and white chocolate tools of the trade. Chocolate tools to represent any industry! A canvas bungie tool bag that can be silk screened with 50 quantity. Hang tag option available with logo and gift message for any quantity. This one of a kind corporate business gift is great for contractors, builders and anyone who works in the construction industry. Great for corporate holiday gifts, thank you gifts, appreciation gifts or just because.
Min QTY 1
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As Low As
1 $65.99
25 $64.99
50 $63.99
Handy Dandy Tool Cart Of Candy - Extravaganza
Tool Box is filled with 3 Oreos with tools, 1 foiled 2.5" large chocolate hard hat, 1 5-oz box of "nuts and bolts" (contains 2 bolts, 3 chocolate nuts) and the rest butter toffee peanuts, 1 box (3-1/2" square box) filled with dipped pretzels, 7 chocolate themed tools, 2 (2 oz.) chocolate bars with custom wrapper options, a chocolate level and hand saw, bag of dipped chocolate graham cookies, construction themed box filled with hard candy all tied with a beautiful custom bow,. Available in custom colors for quantities of 200.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $104.99
25 $103.99
50 $102.99
Custom Business Cookie and Chocolate Toolbox
This custom business cookie and chocolate toolbox is filled with 12 delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookies and 11 pieces of construction themed tools of the trade. Reusable toolbox measures 14 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches. Customize with your logo. May be themed for the electrical industry, construction industry, plumbing industry, painter industry or any industry you choose. Great for any special occasion and make great corporate holiday gifts.
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $36.99
25 $36.49
50 $35.99
Create A Crate Chocolates And Cookie Safety Cone
A wooden crate filled with a safety cone theme for any contractor or construction worker. 5 pieces of chocolate construction tools and 6 soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies inside a crate measuring 9 inches x 10 inches. A 10" safety cone available in orange or yellow which can be imprinted with your logo. All tied together with yellow caution ribbon to give you the perfect construction themed corporate gift! Brand new and perfect for Christmas holiday gifts, client gifts and thank you gifts!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $49.99
25 $49.49
50 $48.99
The Chocolate Cookie Gourmet Contractor Themed Toolbox
A contractor themed black toolbox filled with chocolate tools of the trade: diamond plate toolbox with milk chocolate drills, drill bits, hammers, saws and wrenches, mini tool medallions, tape measures and more! A large selection of gourmet cookies and chocolate to represent the construction, builder and contractor industry! Toolbox ships open just like a gift basket. You better believe your recipient will say WOW! Toolbox measures 13 inches x 6 inches x 5 inches. Everybody needs a little black toolbox!
Min QTY 1
As Low As
1 $83.99
25 $82.99
50 $81.99