Expensive vs Inexpensive Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gifting is a common practice in the business world, as it can help to foster good relationships with clients, customers, and employees. However, it can be hard to decide how much you want to spend. In this post, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of expensive vs inexpensive corporate gifts. Although an expensive gift may seem impressive, it can also come across as ostentatious. In addition, it may even be inappropriate in certain contexts. Conversely, some may perceive an inexpensive gift as insincere or lacking in thoughtfulness.

Expensive Corporate Gifts


  1. Impressive: An expensive gift can make a big impression on the recipient. It may be seen as a sign of appreciation or esteem.
  2. High quality: Expensive gifts are often made from high-quality materials. As a result, It is more likely to be durable and long-lasting.
  3. Personalization: An expensive gift can be customized to the recipient’s tastes, preferences and interests. As a result, this makes it more personal.


  1. Cost: The biggest disadvantage of expensive corporate gifts is their cost. They can be a significant expense for a business. This high cost may not be justifiable in terms of their impact on the recipient.
  2. Inappropriate: An expensive gift may be perceived as inappropriate in certain contexts, such as when given to a government official or in a culture where gift-giving is not common.
  3. Pressure: An expensive gift can create pressure on the recipient to reciprocate. Consequently, this could be uncomfortable or even unethical.

Inexpensive Corporate Gifts


  1. Affordability: The biggest advantage of inexpensive corporate gifts is their affordability. They can be a cost-effective way to show appreciation and build relationships with clients, customers, and employees.
  2. Thoughtfulness: Choosing an inexpensive gift with care and attention to the recipient’s interests and preferences can be just as thoughtful as selecting an expensive gift.
  3. Versatility: Inexpensive gifts are more versatile than expensive gifts. Without creating awkwardness or pressure, they can give to a wider range of people.


  1. Perceived value: Some may perceive an inexpensive gift as having little value. This could diminish the impact and effectiveness of the gift.
  2. Quality: Manufacturers often make inexpensive gifts from lower-quality materials. The item may not be as durable or long-lasting as more expensive gifts.
  3. Inexpensive gifts may have fewer options for customization or personalization, resulting in a lower degree of personalization when compared to expensive gifts.

Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Gift

  1. Consider the context: Determining the appropriate price range and type of gift is dependent on the context in which the gift will be given. For example, an expensive gift may be more appropriate for a long-standing client or partner. An inexpensive gift may be more appropriate for a new client or employee.
  2. Think about the recipient: To ensure that the gift is thoughtful and personalized, regardless of its price, one should take into account the recipient’s interests, preferences, and personality when choosing a gift.
  3. Focus on quality: Whether the gift is expensive or inexpensive, quality should be a top priority. A well-made, durable gift will impact the recipient more than a cheaply made one.
  4. Be ethical: When giving a corporate gift, it is important to be ethical and follow any relevant regulations or guidelines. Some industries may consider it inappropriate or even illegal to accept gifts above a certain value.

In conclusion, the choice between expensive and inexpensive corporate gifts depends on a variety of factors. If you need help deciding, The Gift Planner is here for you. Below you will find an example of an inexspensive gift and a higher priced gift.


Expensive vs Inexpensive Corporate Gifts

Legend Pen

Expensive vs Inexpensive Corporate Gifts

A useful touch of elegance

This Legend pen is an example of an inexpensive corporate gift.

Expensive vs Inexpensive Corporate Gifts


Wave 20oz Water Bottle

Expensive vs Inexpensive Corporate Gifts

Hydrate in style

This high end water bottle by Wave is an example of a more expensive gift.



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5.00 avg. rating (99% score) - 1 vote

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