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Corporate Gifting

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a way of creating rapport with clients or employees. Popular gifts include swag pieces, edible treats and personalized gifts. Drive a response with a prospecting gift to identify potential clients. Additionally, the right employee gift will let them know how valued they are and create a lasting relationship.

Is Corporate Gifting Important?

In short, the answer is yes. Corporate gifting can be a very valuable peice of your customer acquisition and retention strategy. It is a way to nudge potential clients and as a result, they’ll be more likely to respond to the prospecting process. Furthermore, it can help employees feel more engaged as well as giving them a connection to their company. It’s all about loyalty to your brand and your products.

Corporate Gifting Trends.

In a recent study conducted by Coresight Research, corporate gifting has grown to all time highs since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. The corporate gifting market was an estimated $125 billion in 2018. According to the newer study, it was at an estimated $242 billion in 2021 and it’s likely to surge to over $300 billion by 2024. Clearly, this is a practice that is not going away soon.

Most Popular Gifts.

In a survey in which 1,500 professionals took part, the most popular gifts being sent out were gift baskets coming in at 37%. This was followed by food & candy gifts coming in at 25%. This makes sense as just about everyone like a yummy treat and are most likely going to share with others in the office or at home. Certainly, this will leave more of a lasting impression than something like a keychain or other item that may end up stuffed in a drawer or the trash bin.

Whether you are new to the corporate gifting game or a pro gifter, it helps to have a reliable and knowledgeable resource at your disposal. The Gift Planner is just that. We are an industry professional with many years of experience creating gifts that wow. We’d love for you to see us as part of your team. We specialize in unique one of a kind gifts for any industry. Check out some of our popular products below.

Custom Business Cookie and Chocolate Toolbox

Toolbox filled with gourmet cookies and industry themed chocolates

Custom Business Cookie and Chocolate Toolbox

This custom business cookie and chocolate toolbox is filled with 12 delicious gourmet chocolate chip cookies. In addition, it contains 11 pieces of construction themed tools of the trade.

Gourmet Cookie and Chocolate Tool Bag Extravaganza

A brand name gatemouth 12 tool bag filled with a gourmet delight of cookies, chocolates and other tasty sweet and salty treats.

Tool bag filled with gourmet cookies and industry themed chocolate tools

A large tool bag filled with cookies and chocolate


Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift.  For starters, chocolate is a universal language used to express love, gratitude and happiness.  In addition, an average of $776 Million dollars is spent on chocolate every Christmas. That’s just Christmas! A total consumer spending on chocolate is over $7 billion per year.  Our chocolate gift baskets and industry themed chocolate gifts are a huge hit. Is your goal to keep your clients coming back? Maybe it’s to show your appreciation for your hard-working employees. Either way, our delicious, branded gifts will certainly get the job done. In addition, we take care of everything for you. Above all, this will allow you to relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

Let us help your company leaves a lasting impression. In addition, we offer high quality and unforgettable corporate gifts. Most importantly, we want the impression that you leave to be one of happiness and appreciation. In summary, happy clients are repeat clients. Happy employees will certainly keep your business running smoothly. Check out a couple of our smooth chocolate gifts below.  Finally, these mouthwatering gifts are guaranteed to bring comfort and joy this Christmas.

Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

For starters, Christmas is a time to show your appreciation and make someone feel special. At The Gift Planner we want to help your company look good, in addition, we do all of the work while giving you all of the credit.

Delicious Chocolate Gifts Perfect for the Christmas Season

Godiva Chocolate Bliss Basket

Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Delicious Gift Basket Filled with Chocolate

For starters, the Chocolate Bliss Basket is Filled with signature Godiva chocolate and Tied with a beautiful ribbon. It’s the perfect gift for any connoisseur of fine chocolate. In summary, say Happy holidays while showing appreciation.

Chocolate Lover’s Delight

To begin, the Chocolate Lover’s Delight is a delectable selection of classic chocolates. This gift is designed to impress.  Our beautiful gift basket is overflowing with fine chocolate and tied with a beautiful gold bow. Therefore, it’s the perfect gift for any chocolate lover.

Chocolate Makes the Perfect Corporate Christmas Gift

Godiva Chocolate Gift Basket


The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

We are obsessed with creating and designing the best branded corporate gifts and promotional products for your company!  In addition, our view is that thoughtful, quality branded corporate gifts are not only a great marketing tool, but also a way to strengthen and communicate your company brand.

The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

Over the years, The Gift Planner has received our fair share of promotional gifts; some good, some bad. Consequently, poor promotional products and/or corporate gifts are not only a waste of money but can end up harming your brand. That is why we believe quality is the key to success. Therefore, we set out to build a platform where your company could easily shop the best of what’s out there with just a few clicks. We spend many hours searching and testing promo products/gifts to select the most quality items for you. In conclusion, we’ve made it easier than ever to wow your recipient and make you look good. Let us do all of the work for you and become part of your marketing team. Call us today at (602) 526-0963, Your personal gift planner is waiting to help in your next project!

20 oz. Vacuum Bottle with Bamboo Lid

This quality 20-ounce vacuum bottle with bamboo lid is a great way to promote your brand. Show appreciation for your favorite client or prospect! In addition, get your name out in front of the world and watch them talk about you and your company. Great promotional gift for any corporate event, thank you gift or holiday gift.

The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

Double-wall vacuum insulated bottle with Bamboo lid. Perfect corporate gift to wow any recipient

Laptop Backpack

The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

A laptop backpack branded with your logo makes the best corporate holiday gift for your clients.

The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

Unique One-of-a-kind Themed Gifts

Are you looking for a branded gift that represents your company?  Something that uses your company theme and your corporate colors. Have you ever had an idea, but the idea just did not exist? Our specialty is to take your idea and turn it into reality! We can create and design the perfect company gift for you! Branded business gifts for your favorite clients!  Great gifts as holiday gifts, thank you gifts, employee gifts and so much more.

Chocolate Gourmet Power Plus Toolbox

A branded plastic black toolbox filled with chocolate tools of the trade and other gourmet food items. A toolbox that arrives open like a gift basket to wow any recipient. In addition, we can decorate using your corporate colors and chocolate tools of your choice. Great corporate holiday gifts, thank you gifts to show your appreciation.

The Best Branded Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products

Unique one-of-a-kind toolbox filled with delicious chocolate and gourmet sweet and salty treats!


Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

We have the most amazing chocolate toolbox gift baskets at The Gift Planner. Our specialty is creating unique one-of-a-kind themed gifts for any industry! Therefore, The Gift Planner will make you look good! Our corporate gifts are gifts that you will not find anywhere else. In addition, you can choose your themed chocolate tools that best represent your company, Not only can you brand your gifts with your logo, but you select your color scheme! Therefore, unique custom gifts that tell your story! Finally, Let us represent you by using your corporate colors. Gifts by The Gift Planner will look like gifts you designed yourself!

Super Power Chocolate Gourmet Toolbox

A 12 inch Org Pro Toolbox filled with delicious gourmet chocolate tools. Variety of chocolate almonds, butter toffee peanuts and chocolate nuts and bolts. 7 themed chocolate tools of your choice. Available in dark, milk and white chocolate. In addition, the Top tray is filled with a chocolate tape measure. Foiled chocolate nuts and bolts. Chocolate rocks and a 8 inch chocolate pretzel rod. Lockable portable plastic toolbox. It even comes with a free combination lock. Perfect for any industry. Loved by contractors, construction and any handyman. Makes the perfect great holiday gifts.

Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

Delicious gourmet chocolate and other treats personalized with your logo and in your colors.

Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

Corporate Construction Cookie And Chocolate Toolbox

This gift arrives open like a gift basket. Filled with an assortment of 30 delicious chewy assorted cookies. Also, an assortment of construction themed sugar tools. The  re-usable red plastic toolbox measures 12 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches by 5 inches. Finally, wrapped up with a festive peppermint bow!

Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

The best corporate chocolate toolbox gifts to represent contractors and construction companies.

Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

Handy Dandy Tool Cart Of Candy – Extravaganza

The Handy Dandy Tool Cart Of Candy – Extravaganza measures 9.5 inches  X 4.5 inches  X 4.5 inches. Tool Box is filled with a variety of chocolate tools and delicious treats! Therefore, appealing to all.  These gifts can be themed for any industry. In addition, brand them with your logo and custom message! Perfect holiday gifts and client gifts. A must have exclusive gift by The Gift Planner!

Amazing Chocolate Toolbox Gift Baskets At The Gift Planner

The best one-of-a-kind delicious themed corporate gift! A desk top miniature rolling tool cart.



Corporate Christmas Gifts For Clients At The Gift Planner On Sale Now

One-Of-A-Kind Business Gifts Sure To Impress Your Customers

One-of-a-kind business gifts sure to impress your customers we guarantee. The Gift Planner has spent many months creating custom and unique one of a kind gifts that will wow your customers. These gifts are definitely unique and you will not find them being sold anywhere else. In addition, we have business gifts to meet every corporate need. Furthermore, check out client gifts and holiday gifts. You will find gifts for any special occasion or corporate event. We would love the opportunity to earn you business! Our goal is to become your personal gift planner!

One-Of-A-Kind Business Gifts Sure To Impress Your Customers

Business Gifts

One-Of-A-Kind Business Gifts Sure To Impress Your Customers

Your business is SAFE with us! You can BANK on that!

The sweetest safe of combination chocolate coins makes a great financial themed business gift. Perfect for banks, financial institutions, financial advisors and accountants. The all metal safe measures 4.25 x 4.5 x 6 inches. In addition, the safe looks like the old antique safes in design and can be personalized with your logo. Furthermore, it is filled with 2 themed money treat boxes and wrapped in dollar sign cello. The treats are all chocolate money themed pieces along with other gourmet treats. The safe can be filled with any theme to represent any company or industry! Makes a great way to say YOU ARE SAFE WITH US or WE GOT YOUR BACK, YOU CAN BANK ON THAT!

One-Of-A-Kind Business Gifts Sure To Impress Your Customers

One-Of-A-Kind Business Gifts Sure To Impress Your Customers

Give A Classy Leather Backpack To Your Favorite Client!

This gorgeous leather backpack features a zippered main compartment with a middle zippered pocket which divides into 2 open pockets. It has 1 outer zippered pocket and 1 zippered front compartment with complete organizers. The back strap is adjustable and so is the carry handle.


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