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What makes The Gift Planner unique? We are not only a promotional products company, but also a full service gift planning organization that can meet any and all of your corporate and personal gift needs. In comparison to other companies, we have the flexibility and creativity to personalize products that fit your needs and surpass expectations. Whether it be colors, material or added features, we can design a product so specific that even you’ll be surprised. Because we understand that the economy is continuously growing and competition is extreme, our innovative and customized services take top priority. For this reason, we dedicate extensive time and effort necessary to make your desires and ideas become reality. We pride ourselves on providing top quality service anywhere from start to finish, while also delivering the widest variety of quality products at the most competitive prices. Finally, we provide tracking services as we monitor your order until it arrives at its final destination. We take the worry out of the equation through our “one stop shop” service and provide peace of mind as we handle all the details. We offer thousands of products with incredible personalized services that can cater to all your needs. These services include:

From the BIG Screen, to YOUR Screen

You may wonder where The Gift Planner came from. Remember the movie “The Wedding Planner”? After watching that movie and admiring the plot, “The Gift Planner” was a natural for the name of this company. The work and dedication that has gone into this business corresponded to the movie in many ways. I knew I wanted to do something that I loved, while also helping others meet their gift planning and giving needs. And so here we are today. Starting this business from nothing has taken unbelievable dedication, time, and commitment. Our promise to deliver top quality products with top-notch customer service is something we are not willing to compromise. We will not settle for anything less than being the best gift planner available. The Gift Planner’s goal is to be your one stop shop; from marketing, creating, ordering, and shipment to delivery. We will do all the work, so you don’t have to worry about one more thing in your life. We can also drop shipments to your customers if desired. We are here to be YOUR personal gift planner.

Why The Gift Planner?

What makes us unique is our dedication to clients and creativity to design the perfect gift. The Gift Planner wants to make sure all the thought and effort comes from our knowledgeable staff, taking the burden off our customers. We collaborate with our clients to plan, order, track, and guarantee the delivery and quality of every product. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect customized and personalized gift for every occasion. Your trust and confidence in our services are very important and we go to great lengths to demonstrate our excellent business standards and outstanding customer service. To put it simply, our customers get all the credit and we get the satisfaction in knowing the end result is a win-win for everyone. Please don’t wait any longer to plan your specific gift or promotional product need! Feel free to call, email, or use our easy online contact form. We will respond immediately. The Gift Planner is here for YOU so let’s make your ideas and desires a reality!
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