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cookie safe

One-of-a-kind gift designed and created by The Gift Planner. 4.25 x 4.5 deep x 6 high. 24 gauge cold rolled steel.

This miniature safe may be personalized. Features coin slot, a three-number combination lock and looks just like an antique safe. Powder coated, ensuring long lasting durability. Filled with 2 money-themed treat boxes, wrapped in dollar sign pattern cellophane.

JO JO COLLECTION cookie safe

Another exclusive collection by The Gift Planner. We're known for our signature tool carts!

These are miniature replicas of the contractor's job box. These adorable toolboxes are filled with themed chocolate tools and other delicious gourmet treats that will excite your taste buds and bring customers back for more. A pleasing memento with a functional use, they are sure to delight your favorite clients, co-workers or friends.

Corporate and Business Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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The Gift Planner has an assortment of Christmas and Hanukkah gift ideas sure to impress business clients, co-workers, family and friends. Choose from gift baskets, gift towers, customized office gifts, personalized kitchen waresetched glassware and crystal to embroidered throw blanketsjackets, travel bagsduffle bagsmessenger bags, screen printed electronics and hot technology pieces!

We specialize in industry themed gifts for the construction industry, contractors, real estate industry, architecture and design field, medical and healthcare industry, law enforcementtrucking and transportation, and financial industries. From molded chocolates to industry themed chocolates, we've got you covered! Call us and experience live personalized service!