The Top Promotional Products For 2018 At The Gift Planner

What makes promotional products a hit? We have the answer.  Let us show you some of the top promotional products for 2018 at The Gift Planner.

We live in a world of technology, so anything related to computers or mobile devices is popular.  Health and fitness have become a way of life, and the smart watch is a hugely popular promotional item this year. Listening to music is also a trending hobby, so you just can’t go wrong when choosing headphones as your promotional item.

The Smart Watch

This smart digital watch with Bluetooth fitness tracker is a very trendy new fashion accessory! This stunning timepiece offers many features:  music, incoming and outgoing phone calls, stopwatch, alarm clock, pedometer and more! Popular in 2018 for the active client in your life and perfect for the health and fitness industry, this useful gift branded with your logo goes a long way! Talk about brand recognition–let The Gift Planner help you stand out!

The Top Promotional Products For 2018 At The Gift Planner

Appeal to the active clients in your life with a popular promotional product for 2018


The Brookstone Compact Studio headphones will place your brand before their eyes and bring music to their ears! This popular promotional item for 2018 includes an audio jack on each padded leather ear cup, allowing the cable to be plugged into either side. Use the other side to share music with a friend. Hinged ear cups sit comfortably on your ears while the padded headband ensures an ergonomic fit. The sliding headband adjusts to fit any head size. Make and take calls with the inline mic. Music related items are definitely one of the top promotional products for this year at The Gift Planner.

The Top Promotional Products For 2018 At The Gift Planner

Put your brand in their face and in their ears with a headphone by The Gift Planner,